Let's chat about what you can expect from me throughout this entire process! Chances are you probably haven't worked with a professional photographer before and I want you to know a little bit about what it’s going to be like when working with me! I want to be so much more than just your photographer. I'm going to help you plan it all, help you location scout, be here to answer any questions, and ultimately create + plan for the most amazing day ever that truly speaks to who you two are as a couple!

Something that I prioritize is giving you images that are going to mean something to you not only right now... but also 50+ years from now. Photos where your personalities shine through and speak to who you are as a couple in this stage of your lives + what you are feeling in the exact moment. I truly believe those are the photographs that are going to mean the most to you as you grow old together and show your kids/grandkids your wedding album and tell them all about what your day and memories truly FELT like.

I have so many tricks up my sleeve to make sure I give you guys images where you're 100% comfortable and able to be yourselves in front of my lens -- I know being in front of a camera can be an awkward thing (it's not natural to any of us!) but trust me.... I got you ;)

I GOT YOU. I will help you explore different locations and share all of my secret favourite spots I've got scouted out for you! I'll also send you my eloping "client guide book" that is FULL of tips and tricks when it comes to planning your wedding day! It will guide you through everything you need to know in order to plan your day -- where to start, how to involve loved ones who aren't going to be present there with you, etc etc etc.

"She went above and beyond to make us feel like the most important couple on the planet".

"Havilah completely BLEW US AWAY. Everything she did exceeded every single one of our expectations. We knew her photography work was incredible but little did we know she'd go above and beyond to make us feel like the most special couple on earth. Havilah was SO positive, helpful, friendly, lovely & overall made our wedding day what it was! She was constantly hyping me up during the photos, fixing my hair & fluffing my wedding dress. We had a very intimate wedding due to covid and she was so supportive & made the planning process such a breeze. I will forever be thankful we chose her to document such a monumental day in our lives. Plus she is the most adorable human!!!

She did our engagement photos -- which were incredible & the experience was amazing as well. She made us both feel so comfortable & like we were her #1 priority."

- Carley R