Hawaii Engagement Photos

Cute beach Hawaii engagement photos – Big Island, Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii. A place that is a true adventure in itself. Hawaii (Big Island, Kona) will forever be a place that holds fond significant memories in my heart. I knew I had to do another shoot while I was visiting this beautiful part of the island, Hilo, and I was so excited to hang with Amber & Julian and take these Hawaii engagement photos. This warm tropical evening at the beach surrounded by green palm trees was just so dreamy. It felt like we were all in a beautiful movie scene.

I always tell all my couples that their engagement session is so much more than a regular photo shoot. I really encourage you to think of it as an experience shared by you two that I get to document in picture form. An experience of a lifetime that you get to cherish forever. No fancy wedding clothes, or flowers or hair, just you two and your love being expressed for one another.

This whole evening was so much FUN. I was smiling so big while editing these photos of Amber and Julian! We were all basically giggling the whole time being smashed by these powerful waves. It was honestly such a fun evening and I did not want it to end! I could photograph weddings/engagements/couples every day in Hawaii. It’s just so stunning, warm and tropical there, a big part of me didn’t want to come home to Alberta haha.

Amber and Julian, thank you for this evening! It was so beyond magical photographing the both of you!

Up for something like this for your engagement photos? Come tell me all about it!

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