Moraine lake engagement photos, Banff Photographer

Moraine Lake Photographer, Banff National Park – Moraine lake engagement photos


When these two reached out to me, they said they said it was their dream to get engagement photos at Moraine Lake. They wanted to hire a some who knew the area and how to get around the crowds. Charlsie & Joey flew all the way to Banff National Park for their engagement photos and I loved that they wanted their session done at Moraine Lake.  It was a gorgeous day with beautiful warm weather and shooting with these two was so much fun. It was so cool witnessing them see + take in Banff’s beauty for the first time!

We climbed up the rocks, went near the water and stood at the top of the viewpoint so they could experience all the different cool spots around the Lake. They were SO cute and so easy to photograph.

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Moraine (or Banff in general) I highly recommend talking to someone who knows the area. Someone who has spent time exploring different spots in the area. There are SO many beautiful lakes and mountains in Banff that honestly you can’t go wrong with picking which ones to visit… They’re all gorgeous. However, some Lakes (Moraine, Louise, ect) are going to be super busy and crowded. Makes sense… they’re gorgeous and everyone wants to visit them! So, if you’re wanting to explore a certain popular spot or get professional photos done, talk to your photographer about times that would work best! You don’t want random people in the background of your photos and you don’t want them starring at you while you’re kissing and making out. There’s ways to get around the crowds and your photographer will help you!

Congrats Charslie + Joey!!


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