Elopement Styled Shoot at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis

Kananaskis elopement photographer – the Canadian rockies


Katelyn is a Photographer herself and shooting this elopement-styled shoot with them in Kananaskis was so much fun. Barrier Lake was absolutely gorgeous during sunset! It was so windy and dreamy and we shot until it got really dark. I absolutely love shooting during blue hour, as the sun starts to hide behind the mountains and the sky changes color. It’s so so beautiful.

Kananaskis is dead gorgeous. It sorta feels like a hidden gem when it comes to the mountains in Alberta. People seem to visit Canmore + Banff National Park when they’re in the area, whereas Kananaskis is a little less touristy. It’s a lot less crowded, has beautiful scenery and some great hikes if you’re into hiking! I’m super excited to explore more areas in Kananaskis with my couples for their photoshoots. If you’ve been wanting to plan an eloping/wedding/any kids of photos in the Kananaskis area, do it. You won’t regret shooting there.

This styled shoot at Barrier Lake was so dreamy + beautiful and I loved how happy these two were the whole afternoon/evening.

Kananaskis Elopement Photographer – Havilah Heger Photography


Here’s an elopement I shot in Kananaskis!