Banff Engagement Photos

Banff Engagement Photos for Christy & Jamie.

What an amazing day. What an amazing shoot. For Christy and Jamie’s engagement photos in Banff we talked about wanting to do something adventurous and exciting. We wanted to just hang out and make the day really fun! Neither of us had been to these places in Banff before, so we got Tim Horton’s to go and just drove and explored the area together. Classic Canadian move, am i right? 😉

We started by driving up to the first spot, explored and shot there for the first half of our adventure together, and then drove to Moraine Lake for the next part of our shoot! It was so dreamy. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but man, Banff is so freakin gorgeous.  Both the first place and Moraine Lake have lookouts and are super easy to get to. There are also ways to get around the crowds.

Shooting in the outdoors in a place that feels so huge is completely magical and breathtaking. Banff has such big mountains and forests and lakes, it made me feel like such a tiny little person shooting in the middle of enormous-ness haha. It’s pretty epic.

Thanks Christy + Jamie for such a fun day inviting me to capture your relationship and shoot your engagement photos in Banff. I’m so glad we’re friends and so happy for you two!

Isn’t Banff breathtaking? Click here to scroll through a wedding I shot at this same location at Moraine Lake.


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