Northern Irish Wedding


One of the things that i love most about photography is the opportunity i get to travel to some of the most amazing countries and places in the world. I’m so thankful for the gift of traveling and getting to see different cultures while also capturing someone’s biggest, most special day of their life. I can’t believe i get to call this my “job”.

Ashley : American + Duncan : Irish, both grew up in the Himalayas of Pakistan, and so their wedding was one of the most culturally diverse weddings I’ve ever been to. These two were “good friends” + fell in love while Ashley was at University in the US and Duncan in Northern Ireland.

Not only was this wedding about two people becoming one forever, but also was it the celebration of two lovers finally able to be together, after years of long distance + lots and lots of flights, Skype calls, and short visits.

I’m beyond grateful towards Ashley + Duncan for flying me out to Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND to capture their special day for them.

Love you guys so much!