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Hello my sweet 2021 couples! 


I really hoped we wouldn’t need to be here again in 2021. 

I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’m here for you and really want to serve you throughout all of this. I’m sorry for any stress you’re experiencing because of the uncertainty of not knowing what “rules” are going to be in place this summer/next few months. BUT, your wedding day will be beautiful no matter what and I’m here for you!


Policies and procedures in Response to Covid-19 Event Bans

Disclaimer: The information outlined below ONLY represents the opinions, policies and procedures of Havilah Heger Photography. This is not in any way an official document intended to be a source of information related to COVID-19 and related news.



You’re still able to host weddings and events under the regulations of Alberta & British Columbia. Due to being a small business owner, I am unable to accommodate free date changes based on preference rather than the government cancelling your ability to have a wedding.

In the event you wish to do postpone your wedding, I have 3 options for 2022 dates/any later 2021 dates I have left:

  • Transfer fees are waived when selecting a date on a Monday-Friday within 12 months of your original wedding date.

  • Saturdays/Sundays are a $950 CAD transfer fee — the reason I have to charge this fee is because weekends are popular dates, (especially now with covid) and living in Alberta there aren’t that many summer-weekend’s for couples to snag. A rescheduling fee also helps a little towards me losing the income I would have made on the original date I had booked for you guys and had to turn other bookings away.

  • If you choose to reschedule to a date that I am unavailable, unfortunately, your non-refundable retainer fee remains non-refundable.

If you have any questions, concerns or unique situations while working to reschedule your wedding, PLEASE reach out and keep me in the loop.



I’m working hard to accommodate everyone so consider texting me to double-check & lock in the date before moving forward without me!!

  • Rescheduling your wedding will require a new contract signed (with the rescheduled date) to acknowledge the postponement and new date. The rescheduling contract releases both parties from prior commitments and the new contract establishes a new commitment for the new date.

Please note that no date/rescheduled date is secured until a new contract is signed for the new date. I am unable to hold multiple dates in my calendar for each couple.



My main goal this wedding season is to maintain my health. Legally speaking if I am ill OR if I come in contact with a positive case, I am forced into a situation where I legally cannot leave my home (be at your wedding). For this reason, I do have boundaries to ensure that I can attend every single one of your weddings this summer!

  • Please ensure there are spaces I can maintain proper social distance, this way I can ethically say I didn’t have any close contacts to be traced back to!

  • While I will still require a meal for the wedding day, I’m no longer going to be eating with the guests. I’ll quietly grab a plate and eat quickly on my own! Thank you!

  • You must be following Alberta’s gathering guidelines, as I am at risk of a $1000.00+ fine for attending/working events that don’t follow the “rules”.


Feel free to reach out with any questions! Like I said, I’m here for you and want you to have the best freakin day possible!