Ok so before you get in touch…

I’m so excited because this is a BIG DEAL. By choosing your photographer, you’re trusting someone to stand beside you on your wedding day, support you, and document the biggest day of your life!!

Your photographer’s job is to capture how your day felt, providing you with beautiful images that not only will increase in value over time, but are going to be the one tangible thing you will have from your wedding day forever and ever. These photographs will take you back in time and remind you of everything. The place where you said your vows, your closest friends + family who stood by your side, and the hardest + most deepest commitment you’ve ever made. I wanna be someone you can trust to photograph your day, and I’ll do it so well because this day only happens once.

The nerves you feel walking down the isle, the tears rolling down your fiancé’s face, your grandparents looking at each other remembering the day they said their “I do’s” to one another, your dog running towards you as you walk out as husband + wife for the first time, I want to capture all of that. All the details, big and small.

I’m going to tell your story through my images, and documenting mood is very important to me. I believe the joy, laughter, tears, and everything else that comes with a photograph is so beautiful and takes you back in time.

“It’s one thing when a photographer can capture a beautiful photo, but when their photos can bring you right back to those feelings you felt, that’s magic! Havilah isn’t just our photographer now, she’s a lifelong friend!”
– Natalie

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